We Are The Best Partner For Your Online Presence

When you hire the Site Salt team to work for you, you don’t just buy a service, you get a partner that will invest on your behalf and will work tirelessly to get your company to new heights. 

We are strong believers in long-lasting partnerships, and our client retention confirms it – we’ve got clients that have been with us for years and they’re here to stay.  

Latest Technologies

We use ALL the latest technologies, we take advantage of the best features from each provider so that our research and statistics have the highest accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

Because we actually invest a large part of your budget in growing your website

We make sure that a consistent part of your budget is actually spent on content creation and back-link acquisition. Most companies will charge for the “expertise” and the work, leaving very little to be actually spent on what really matters.

This is why we can guarantee results. We don’t just take the money, tinker with meta tags, charge you for our “expertise” and hope for the best.

By doing the right things we know you’ll keep investing in SEO and you stay on as a client for years. We win a lot more in the long-term, don’t worry, we’ll both be winners when we draw the line.

Oh, and we know what we're doing too!

With a combined experience of decades in SEO and web development, we’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all. Good and bad. We are able to provide 3 major SEO components with our experienced in-house staff:

SEO is an investment - in your website's future

If you (or your SEO team) invest poorly, there’s a good chance that you can hurt your website’s future. We’ve seen scenarios where “experts” rebuilt websites and effectively killed the organic traffic by removing pages and creating extremely slow sites. We’ve seen “experts” buy and sell links from the “open market” and get the websites hit by manual actions from Google. 

It might surprise you to find out that the worse thing that can happen isn’t “failing to get results”, it’s a lot worse, you can do damage that’s extremely hard to undo, sometimes even impossible to fix. 

Therefore, you need someone that can properly manage your SEO budget and put it to good use. Someone that knows how to grow your website naturally (even if slower at times) and with safe methods that ensure your website’s stability. 

What's our process?

Simple and effective

Find a group of keywords

Based on your goals, budget, and competition we decide on a group of keywords that will be our main focus. We guarantee that rankings will improve for these.

Ensure that the website is healthy

SEO starts with a strong, reliable foundation. We check your website's URL structure, code quality, speed, and responsiveness. If the site isn't in a good shape, we provide you with a list of items that need to be fixed.

Optimize content

We create content for new landing pages as well as additional/updated content for existing pages to ensure that each keyword is covered and that each page is optimized correctly.

Back everything up with links

Back-links are like referrals - the more (and the stronger) you get, the more popular your website gets. Just like multiple people recommending a certain company, makes it more popular, the same thing applies to links.
We ensure that your website gets a steady, natural-like flow of back-links to increase its overall authority and organic rankings.

Our Services

What We Actually Do For You

Keyword Research

We research all the keywords that your website ranks for, keywords that can bring you additional traffic, keywords that your competitors rank for, and competition levels for each keyword group.

Website Optimization

Without a solid foundation, our SEO efforts will not be effective. We ensure that your website performs well, uses clean code, is fast and well-optimized for mobile devices of any screen size.

Content Optimization

As part of the on-page SEO, we go through each of your website's pages and we ensure that the content is well optimized and optimized for the right keywords. That includes the meta tags and image tags.

Content Creation

Going for long-tail keywords or new keyword opportunities is best achieved through new content published on your website - pages that are optimized for new keywords and can create new, untapped traffic sources for your site.

Back-link acquisition

We work tirelessly to make sure that we get you the best links from strong, authoritative websites so that your overall website authority grows constantly and provides a stronger boost to your keyword rankings month after month.

Back-link profile management

Not all links have a positive impact on your website. Poor SEO tactics and even negative SEO from your competitors can harm your website's rankings. We monitor and clean up your back-links to avoid penalties.

Our Guarantee:

If we don't perform in the first 6 months, we'll work for free

We want to build a long-lasting relationship with each and every client that chooses to work with us. Therefore, we want you to rest assured that we work hard to get you results, and even if the odds are against us and the results take longer to show, you can take advantage of our guarantee:

If we don’t get you results in the first 6 months, we’ll provide you with the same level of service for another 6 months, for free*.

*By results, we mean ranking improvements on at least 2/3 of the selected keyword groups. The guarantee is only valid if the technical recommendations for the website, provided to you after our audit, are applied and published within the first 2 months after you get them. 

Our Pricing

A custom plan for each customer

There’s no such thing as a universal price list for SEO – we strongly believe that defining specific plans and asking our clients to choose is a mistake that limits our capabilities and provides the client with unrealistic expectations. 

We have a basic plan that will always get you “some” results. It’s just enough to allow us to finance our efforts and also spend a decent amount on back-links and content. 

For those that really want to see results, we can only promise, and guarantee results, with a custom-tailored plan for your needs. We will consider your current rankings, website, competition and expectations. Based on this we will propose a monthly budget that can allow us to do proper SEO for your online business. 

Custom Plan

$ – – –

Per Month

We can’t suggest a plan without taking a look at your website, your rankings, your competition and understanding where you want to get and what you expect to see in terms of results. We need to get this information from you and come up with a realistic budget that can work for you and, ultimately, for us. If the budget won’t allow us to get you results, then we’d rather pass on the opportunity to work together and signing up a future “lost customer”.  

Basic Plan


Per Month

We know that sometimes budgets are tight and it’s hard to trust SEO specialists, especially with so many amateurs out there. If your budget is tight or you just want to start low and convince yourself how good we are, this is the right package for you.


General Questions

Yes, our recommended approach is having an initial discussion with our potential customers to understand what their expectations are and analyze their situation. Based on this initial consultation, we recommend certain steps and a monthly budget to be allocated for our SEO services in order for us to be able to deliver what is required, as well as provide you with the service guarantee

We always charge up-front for the service that is going to be delivered over the next month. Billing runs through Stripe and we accept all payment methods that Stripe accepts. Since we spend a lot of money on your behalf, payment always has to happen before any service is provided.

The short answer is no.

The long answer: we do recommend that newly launched websites take a gradual approach to back-link acquisition and yes, if we're talking about a brand new website that does not need a lot of content and won't need an aggressive back-link acquisition campaign, we can do "cheap" SEO. But that's only to get the website primed and ready for the real work, which needs to happen after a few months. And that's not going to be possible without a healthy budget. 

Yes. You can even see notable results within a month. While this is a possibility, it's not a certainty! We can only guarantee results after 6 months because sometimes it does take a lot more time for the results to be visible. Depending on various factors like the shape your website is in, how strong or weak your competition is, how bad your website's content is, we can see results within weeks or it might take months. 

Yes, our development team can help with most platforms including WordPress websites and custom-coded websites. Any development work can be quoted on top of the SEO services. 

Of course we do. We're not listing that as a part of our service cause it just seems silly to do so. You can't do SEO without reporting to your client. Every month, we send out an email report detailing what was actually done for you and a ranking update for the focus keywords as well as the entire keyword list for your website. 

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