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We ensure that your business' website gets the organic traffic that it requires.
It all starts with the right SEO Package.

All our SEO Packages include:

• Keyword Research
• Keyword Ranking monitoring
• Back-link acquisition / generation *note that the amount will vary based on the plan
• Back-link monitoring and audit (we will need to keep an eye on your back-links and disavow any toxic/spam links)
• Website code optimization (for speed and standards)
• Website image optimization (size, tags, names)
• Internal linking
• Meta tag optimization
• Google Business Optimization
• Landing Page / Blog Creation (when no landing pages are required, we'll add Blogs to maintain freshness of content) *note that the amount will vary based on the plan
• Monthly reporting on rankings and website traffic
• Error monitoring via Google Webmaster Tools and SEO-specialized tools


Package 1

per month
  • up to 3 landing pages
  • Back-link acquisition
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Package 2

per month
  • up to 5 landing pages
  • Back-link acquisition
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Package 3

per month
  • up to 10 landing pages
  • Back-link acquisition
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Package 4

per month
  • up to 10 landing pages
  • Back-link acquisition
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*Please note that the number of pages and links can and will vary. Even if the description says up to 10 links per month you might get a lot less. If we get 2-3 very good links (that cost a lot more of course) then you might just get the two. The overall link value that you get each month will not change as we want to get you results month after month - our target is to increase your traffic and business and not only to reach the # of links and pages promised by the plan and move on.

Other Services

Hosting / SSL / Maintenance services
Hosting / SSL / Maintenance
$150 per month
• Website hosting on secure US-based servers
• SSL certificate management
• Website assistance within 2 hours per month: We will help you with any content, design and functionality changes that you wish to bring to your website at no additional cost as long as they do not exceed 2 hours in a given month, in which case additional fees will be quoted for your approval before any work is done
• Additional work outside of the 2 hours included every month will be billed at $60 per hour
• The client owns all files for their website, no matter who built it and what changes we may have done to it

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$50 per hour
• Logo design (approx 5 hours with 2 revisions)
• Website design (between 8 and 14 hours depending on complexity)
• Business Card design (approx 4 hours with 2 revisions)
• Brochure, flyer, marketing collateral design (depending on the requests, price approval required before work starts)
• Email design (approx 3 hours with 2 revisions for a regular newsletter type)

$60 per hour
• Website development - custom code (regular 10-page website coding estimated around $1150, more complex websites TBD in each case)
• Website development - WordPress (regular 10-page website coding estimated around $950, more complex websites TBD in each case)
• Complex web apps and systems development
• Email coding / building in Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc (estimated 1 to 2 hours for regular emails)

Social Media Management
Social Media Management
$650 per month
• Content Creation, Posting, Advertising, Engagement • A mix of branded graphics, photography, short video, etc. for social media posts • Curated posting across 3 platforms of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or TripAdvisor – (Instagram images will be sent to you for posting) • 2-3 posts per week • includes $30 discretionary budget for boosting/promoting content • Individualized hashtags for each post to optimize targeted reach and client demographics • Custom captions. Each caption will inform, engage, direct attention, or build brand awareness • Engagement (Response to comments and messages)
• Creating and running ads on social media platforms (Facebook - $50 setup fee for ad plus $30 for boosting posts which is included in monthly fee (some months might be more, some less).
• Creating social media profiles, includes cover images - $300 (for all 5 platforms mentioned above or $100 each)

Website Addons/Modules

Website addons / modules for the limo industry
Quote optimization and management module
$149 per month
• Take control of your company's quoting process
• Get statistics on how much you leave on the table, your conversion rate, your top performers, and much, much more
• Automate follow-up with clients
• Automate reminders for your staff to make sure they stay on top of the quote requests
• Improve conversion rates and get more out of your quotes

Website addons / modules for the limo industry
Survey/review management module
$49 per month
• Ensure that you maintain a high star rating across your profiles: Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor
• Get notified whenever there's a problem and avoid bad reviews and unhappy customers
• Showcase your reviews and awesome ratings on your website
• Integrate with Zapier and thousands of apps to automate survey/review requests

Website addons / modules for the limo industry
Per seat transportation module for meetings/events/shuttles
$49 per month
• Enable per-seat sales for your company
• Ideal for shuttles, meetings & events and any large group transportation where you won't be booking cars and will be taking reservations and charge per person.
• Run multiple shuttles, events at the same time through the system
• Generate embeddable booking forms for your website and your partners' websites.

Website addons / modules for the limo industry
Affiliate management module
$49 per month
• Make sure that your company uses only the top providers in each area
• Keep a tight list of your Affiliates and rate their services accordingly
• Rank them by quality of service in each area and share the information with your team (ex: use X first, Y second and never use Z whatever you do)
• Build a map of all your affiliates and get the information you need in seconds
• Search and find affiliates by proximity to a POI within seconds