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About Us

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We’ve expanded our SEO business from the desire to grow with our clients and help them build a strong and healthy business. Up until recently we’ve only acquired new customers through referrals. 

We started off as a full-service web development company, mainly building websites and complex web applications for our clients. We’ve helped out with SEO, email marketing, social media and other things when we were asked to. Over the years, we’ve seen too many scammers pose as SEO experts, for both low and high fees alike, and we’ve seen the kind of damage they can do. Therefore, we decided to focus our efforts on expanding our SEO department and do one thing well, better than anyone we’ve worked with before. 

Nowadays our main niche (ground transportation/limo service) is in a bit of trouble due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that has, unfortunately, freed up a bit of our time. Some of our clients have had to cut their marketing budgets and that automatically means no more budget for SEO. 

This is how the new site-salt.com website came to be and why we’re able to actually advertise our services to new customers. 

Why Choose Us

You'll love us because of:

Our Experience

We can be a very good partner for your online business. We've got decades of combined experience and we'll always advise you on what's best for you and your business, long-term. Even if that's not the most lucrative option for us.

Our Honesty

If we can't both agree on the right path and the right budget for your business, we'd rather pass on the opportunity to work with you. We want to be able to get you results and have a happy customer that will recommend us further. That's how we've always worked and how our current clientele was formed.

Our efficiency

We don't waste time, we don't drag our feet. When there's work to be done, we get it done. You never have to wait for days to get an email reply or ask us twice to do something. We've always received high praise for our response times and efficiency.

Experienced & Professional

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