Our SEO Service

What We Do For You

Keyword Research

We research all the keywords that your website ranks for, keywords that can bring you additional traffic, keywords that your competitors rank for, and competition levels for each keyword group.

Website Optimization

Without a solid foundation, our SEO efforts will not be effective. We ensure that your website performs well, uses clean code, is fast and well-optimized for mobile devices of any screen size.

Content Optimization

As part of the on-page SEO, we go through each of your website's pages and we ensure that the content is well optimized and optimized for the right keywords. That includes the meta tags and image tags.

Content Creation

Going for long-tail keywords or new keyword opportunities is best achieved through new content published on your website - pages that are optimized for new keywords and can create new, untapped traffic sources for your site.

Back-link acquisition

We work tirelessly to make sure that we get you the best links from strong, authoritative websites so that your overall website authority grows constantly and provides a stronger boost to your keyword rankings month after month.

Back-link profile management

Not all links have a positive impact on your website. Poor SEO tactics and even negative SEO from your competitors can harm your website's rankings. We monitor and clean up your back-links to avoid penalties.

That's it?

Well, we actually do a lot more

While we’d like to focus mainly on SEO, our company has roots in online software development and anything related to digital marketing. On occasion, we might be able to recommend a thing or two (or even do it for you) when it comes to:

Custom Design

We've completed dozens of design projects for our clients over the year, from simple letterheads, emails, and PowerPoint presentations to logos and websites.

Custom Development

We've built many complex web apps and websites over the years. To our knowledge, most of them are still active and running smoothly today. All custom-coded and built from the ground up.


With hundreds of websites under our belt, dating from the "good old" IE6 days, when a transparent image was rarely seen on a website up until modern days where speed and mobile experience are key.

We know people

During our decades of combined experience, we've worked with different companies and providers and know who we can recommend. From Social Media management to PPC and Email Marketing, we've got friends that we can refer you to!


If we don't perform in the first 6 months, we'll work for free

We want to build a long-lasting relationship with each and every client that chooses to work with us. Therefore, we want you to rest assured that we work hard to get you results, and even if the odds are against us and the results take longer to show, you can take advantage of our guarantee:

If we don’t get you results in the first 6 months, we’ll provide you with the same level of service for another 6 months, for free*.

*By results, we mean ranking improvements on at least 2/3 of the selected keyword groups. The guarantee is only valid if the technical recommendations for the website, provided to you after our audit, are applied and published within the first 2 months after you get them.