Case Studies

Client since 2017

Ground Transportation Provider Based in Long Island

Our client has been using our services for more than 4 years, starting with a very small package (which is no longer available) and gradually increasing the spend as the results brought in more and more traffic, business, clients and with them, of course, more income. They are one of the top results for most airport transfer queries in their area and they’ve been getting good traffic for the past couple of years because of the organic rankings.

What we’ve been doing for them:

Website flipping project

Amazon Affiliate Website

This was a company investment in an affiliate website with the purpose to improve its rankings and income and sell it for a higher price. We bought it from one of our acquaintances and sold it about one year later.

Despite Google’s updates (which have impacted most small affiliate businesses negatively) and Amazon’s slashing of commissions (for this niche the commissions went down from 8% to 3%), we were able to sell the website at a 30% profit after just one year with minimum financial investment. We did spend a bit of time on the content, making sure that it’s all high quality and we also optimized the website’s code to ensure it’s fast and performs well on all mobile devices. 

One year later, the website was brining in a lot more affiliate income despite the commission cut of approximately 60%. This was possible because of increasing traffic both by adding new content and improving rankings for old content. It was sold easily through late January 2021.

Client since 2017

Ground Transportation Provider Based in NY

This client has been using our services since 2017 with a decent budget that has allowed us to get them notable results quickly (as opposed to the previous client that started slow and needed more time to get up there). They’ve been at the top of search results in their area for the past couple of years.

*client has suspended services due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Unfortunately, there was a slight negative impact in organic rankings since then.

What we’ve been doing for them:

Website flipping project turned into customer

Amazon Affiliate Website

One of our flipping projects from 2019 turned into a monthly SEO client. We bought the website in the summer of 2019 and were able to sell it for twice the amount we paid for it just a few months later, because of the improvements we brought to the website.

The buyer was very pleased with our work and has asked us to continue to do SEO for the website and help him improve it further.

The website has been doing well, with overall growth year after year, despite Google’s extreme updates regarding affiliate sites. It has been doing much better since the notorious December 2020 Google update which has negatively impacted a lot of Affiliate sites worldwide.