General Questions

Yes, our recommended approach is having an initial discussion with our potential customers to understand what their expectations are and analyze their situation. Based on this initial consultation, we recommend certain steps and a monthly budget to be allocated for our SEO services in order for us to be able to deliver what is required, as well as provide you with the service guarantee

We always charge up-front for the service that is going to be delivered over the next month. Billing runs through Stripe and we accept all payment methods that Stripe accepts. Since we spend a lot of money on your behalf, payment always has to happen before any service is provided.

The short answer is no.

The long answer: we do recommend that newly launched websites take a gradual approach to back-link acquisition and yes, if we're talking about a brand new website that does not need a lot of content and won't need an aggressive back-link acquisition campaign, we can do "cheap" SEO. But that's only to get the website primed and ready for the real work, which needs to happen after a few months. And that's not going to be possible without a healthy budget. 

Yes. You can even see notable results within a month. While this is a possibility, it's not a certainty! We can only guarantee results after 6 months because sometimes it does take a lot more time for the results to be visible. Depending on various factors like the shape your website is in, how strong or weak your competition is, how bad your website's content is, we can see results within weeks or it might take months. 

Yes, our development team can help with most platforms including WordPress websites and custom-coded websites. Any development work can be quoted on top of the SEO services. 

Of course we do. We're not listing that as a part of our service as it just seems silly to do so. You can't do SEO without reporting to your client. Every month, we send out an email report detailing what was actually done for you and a ranking update for the focus keywords as well as the entire keyword list for your website.